Fone Recanto Tropical
      The Pousada

You can find at Pousada Recanto Tropical an comfortable local to forget your urban problems and usufruct the local nature.

Because of the preservation, Ilha do mel atracts tourists from all over the world for its beaty and resourses especially who search tranquility and peculiar landscape.

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Guest at Pousada e Restaurante recanto Tropical and visit Ilha do Mel, a place full of historic monuments and offer several options of leisure time




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Praia das Conchas - Caixa Postal 26 - CEP: 83.200-000
Fone: |41| 3426-8101 / Whatsapp |41| 9 9630-7981(Karen) / Whatsapp (41) 9965-15839 e 99228-6091 - lha do Mel - Paranagua, Pr. - Proximo ao Farol