Fone Recanto Tropical
      The Pousada

Our restaurant, always very frequented, affers:
Buffet or “A la carte” service everything is prepared with lot of care and with fresh products.
We offer a great variety of hot and cold dishes as well as snacks and juices.
The main dining area has got lounge music and a bar for your better comfort.
Our restaurant and lounge becomes a meeting point of guests, visitors and friends.
Our special breakfast is considered one of the richest and tastiest on the island. You need strong nourishment to enjoy all the delights and the he site of Ilha do Mel.



Praia das Conchas - Caixa Postal 26 - CEP: 83.200-000
Fone: |41| 3426-8101 / Whatsapp |41| 9 9630-7981(Karen) / Whatsapp (41) 9965-15839 e 99228-6091 - lha do Mel - Paranagua, Pr. - Proximo ao Farol